This modern jet can fly non-stop from Mumbai to London or from Kolkata to Sydney; it comes with an optional stand-up shower and a flight deck, and can carry eight passengers and four crew members.

If you haven’t had enough of Bombardier Global 6000, have a peek at its market leading wide-cabin business jet sibling, the Challenger 605 , that can fly six people to Greece or Australia – some 7000 km away.

Canadian maker Bombardier Aerospace will put these two business jets and more on show at the ninth Aero India show that opens here on February 6.

India after all is a promising country with an increasing number of millionaire executives who are ready to spend. And Bombardier has the right ware.

“Our ‘ Global’ aircraft family is the market leader in India and we look forward to having the opportunity to showcase a Global 6000 jet, our class-leading ‘ Challenger 605’ jet and presenting our overall product portfolio,” said Nilesh Pattanayak, regional vice-president, sales, Asia-Pacific.

Bombardier will also promote its specialised and amphibious aircraft. Bombardier 415 aircraft, according to the company, is an advanced, made-to-order amphibious firefighting aircraft. It has been used for maritime search and rescue, coastal patrol, disaster response and transport.

Mr. Pattanayak said it was “an exciting time for business aviation in India, and we are playing our part in connecting India’s business leaders with the rest of the world by providing the ultimate tools to improve their efficiency.”