President of Lok Satta Party Jayaprakash Narayan has said a lot more remains to be done to transform politics, governance and economy though his party has been successful in achieving something in seven years of its existence.

Interacting with media on the occasion seventh anniversary of LSP here on Tuesday, Dr. Narayan claimed that Lok Satta was largely responsible for three constitutional amendments by Parliament on imposing a ceiling on the number of Ministers at the Centre and in States, on providing for autonomy to cooperatives and on facilitating formation of a Judicial Appointments Commission.

Further, Lok Satta was instrumental in the adoption of laws providing for disclosure of assets and liabilities and criminal antecedents of electoral contestants, formation of local courts, political funding law and right to information, he stated. “Our initiatives for laws on guaranteeing service to citizens and formation of an Indian Judicial Service will bear fruit shortly,” he stated.

On the issue of statehood to Telangana, the LSP chief said they were for an amicable and permanent solution. “The concerns of aggrieved people should be addressed first whether the State is divided or kept united. Formation of a separate State will neither be a panacea to all problems nor a catastrophe,” he felt.

Meeting on Oct. 19

The LSP would meet on October 19 to decide on its strategy for 2014 general elections, he said adding that the party was very much conscious of its limitations.