Largest Shani statue unveiled

Majestic:The 20-foot-high statue of Lord Shani at Yerdanur in Sangareddy.- PHOTO: MOHammeD ARIF  

Yerdanur is a small village located about four kilometres from the Mumbai National Highway surrounded by tribal people got itself a permanent place in the books of Andhra Pradesh and may be India as well on Saturday.

The largest statue of Lord Shani was established here among prayers and religious rituals.

The area is surrounded by vast land and fields which was covered with devotees who gathered to get a glimpse of the mighty statue and seek his blessings.

The idol was sculpted by Subbayya Sthapati of Madurai after toiling for about two years with the assistance of eight other sculptors at Karavaikudi in Tamil Nadu. Even finding a black monolithic rock of that size was a Herculean task, he says.

The idol weighing about nine tonne, with a height of about 20 feet including 2 feet of basement, was established by Thakur Suryapratap Singh and his three sons – Thakur Sudhir Singh, Thakur Sunil Singh and Thakur Shakti Singh. While Sudhir is an engineer, his siblings are doctors who are deeply involved in religious activities.

“There is a wrong notion among the public that Lord Shani is bad omen. But that is not correct as He was the Lord of Justice and wears black or blue attire. That is why lawyers wear black dress,” Mr. Suryapratap Singh told The Hindu at the temple, adding that it may take another few months to complete the structures at the temple premises.

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