Kudankulam, the hotspot of a stir against a nuclear power plant, will, on Monday, host a mass show of solidarity on New Year’s eve with supporters from across the country expected to throng the place.

As many as 70 groups are expected to converge at Kudankulam to celebrate the New Year with the population in and around Idinthikarai and express support to the anti-nuclear struggle led by the People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy.

The mass event has been titled ‘New Year 2013@Kudankulam: Celebrating Resistance, Asserting Freedom.’

The coastal community in Kudankulam has evoked admiration in New Year messages from several personalities who have hailed the people for their non-violent and sustained battle for democracy, peace and sovereignty.

Among those who sent their messages was poet and writer K. Satchidanandan, who expressed a wish to be in Kudankulam to be part of the politics of life, “which is my politics and the politics of my poetry that sings life against death and the merchants of death.”

Mahasweta Devi, Jnanpith Award winning poet-writer, Shankar Mahanand, playwright and convener of Sanskrutik Andolan, Odisha, and Admiral L. Ramdas, former Chief of the Indian Navy, are among those expected to reach Kudankulam on Monday.

A few film-makers, musicians and academics are likely to join the celebrations. A host of cultural leaders and social activists such as Mallika Sarabhai, Aruna Roy and Prashant Bhushan have announced their solidarity with the event.