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A minimum of 10.8 degrees was recorded on Monday

Severity of the winter has been sudden

KOLKATA: Kolkata witnessed the coldest morning of the season on Monday, with the mercury slipping to 10.8 degrees Celsius as a result of the cold north-westerly winds blowing through the Indo-Gangetic plain.

An official of the Regional Meteorological Centre, Kolkata, said they recorded a minimum of 10.8 degrees on Monday, a departure of minus 2 degrees from the normal.

It is predicted that the temperature will drop further to 10 degrees in the next 24 hours and hover around 11 degrees thereafter.

If Kolkata does experience a temperature of 10 degrees Celsius, it will be close to the coldest temperature recorded in fifteen years. On December 11, 1994, the city witnessed a temperature of 9.9 degrees Celsius.

Incidentally, the lowest minimum temperature of 12.9 degrees seen last winter was on December 11.

While this winter may turn out to be unusually cold, its severity has been sudden, with a dramatic drop in recorded reading over one week.

As a result of a trough of low pressure over the Bay of Bengal, the minimum temperatures in Gangetic West Bengal hovered around the 15 degree mark last week.

But after the low pressure belt receded, cold north-westerly winds started blowing across the region without obstruction, resulting in a sharp drop in minimum temperatures, the official said.

If there are no further obstacles, the temperature graph could continue on a downward spiral.

However, any changes in the atmospheric conditions could arrest the cold winds and bring warmer weather to the region, the official pointed out.