(Continued from Page 1) Four top posts in Law Department have recently gone to Telangana -- two Law Secretaries, Advocate General and the Public Prosecutor. Why nobody talks about it?”

Asked if he treated the coming elections to local bodies as semi-finals to the general elections in 2014, he said the voters’ mood kept changing and most of them took the call on the day of reckoning. The verdict given by people in one elections could change dramatically within a few months. But he expected Congress would do well in the coming local bodies’ elections.

If that was the case how did he expect the voters to hold on to the Congress till the next elections. Responding, he said his government was working more towards beating the anti-incumbency with a slew of steps.

He had fulfilled the promises he made when he took over and had reached a stage where he could move on aggressively.

“We will return with more number of seats and form the next government.”

He refuted the charge that the government had used excessive force to suppress the ‘Chalo Assembly” programme.

Mr. Kiran Reddy said he expected reservations for BCs to go up with district being treated as unit in the local body elections and there was no problem in providing funds of Rs. 204 crore for conducting the polls.