Senior nephrologist Pradeep Deshpande expressed concern over the increase in the kidney-related ailments, with close to two lakh new patients added every year.

The steady rise in kidney failure cases notwithstanding, only 10 per cent of patients are able to receive dialysis and a meagre 5 per cent are able to opt for transplantation. “Almost 90 per cent of the patients are unable to get treatment,” Dr. Deshpande, Professor of Nephrology at Gandhi Hospital, said.

The World Kidney Day being observed every year on the second Thursday, March 14 this year, will focus on the issues relating to kidney disorders and the measures to launch an awareness campaign to educate people about the need to prevent disorders. The theme this year would be “Stop Acute Kidney Injury” and close to 300 nephrologists would converge in the city to discuss about the reasons leading to the disorders and precautions that should be taken to prevent them.

“Patients with diabetes and hepatitis are vulnerable and they should undergo renal evaluation once a year. This will help in early detection of disorders if any ,” he said.