Apex court had expressed indignation over its misuse

The State government has specified who all can use red beacons on top of their official vehicles.

The vehicles on which red, blue or multi-coloured lights can be used have also been listed.

The government has given permission to the Mobile Enforcement Squad vehicles of the Excise Department to use multi-coloured red, blue and white lights.

The notification has been issued following rampant misuse of those lights, with the Supreme Court expressing indignation over such misuse and a public interest litigation petition filed in the High Court.

The notification comes under Rule 108 of the Central Motor Vehicles Act, 1989, that empowers the State to specify the dignitaries and the vehicles on which the lights can be used, official sources said.

The notification says the red beacon lights can be used only by the Governor, Chief Minister, Speaker, Chief Justice and judges of the Kerala High Court, Ministers, Leader of the Opposition, Government Chief Whip, Deputy Speaker, Lok Ayukta and Upa Lok Ayukta, Chief Secretary, Vice-Chairman of the State Planning Board, Vice-Chairman of the Central Administrative Tribunal and Advocate General.

Under Schedule I of the notification, chairpersons and members of commissions and tribunals having the rank and status of a High Court judge, the State Information Commissioner and the Chairman of the Kerala Public Service Commission can use red beacon lights.

Blue light with flash at the centre on top of the vehicle hood can be used by the members of the Kerala Public Service Commission, officers of the ranks of Additional Chief Secretary and Principal Secretary, Law Secretary, Vice-Chancellors, Mayors and all police officers of and above the rank of Superintendent of Police in charge of the districts and law-and-order duties.

Besides, the Principal Accountant General, Accountant General, District Collectors, Principal District Judges, Vice-Chairman, Norka Roots, Revenue Divisional Officers and Sub-Divisional Police Officers on law-and-order duty have been included in Schedule II so that they can use blue light with flash.

Schedule III

Blue light with or without flash can be used only by vehicles escorting high dignitaries specified and the motor vehicles with the privilege have been included under Schedule III.

Under Schedule III, the vehicles that are permitted to use multi-coloured red, blue and white lights have been included.

Highway police vehicles, police control room vehicles, flying squad vehicles, police station vehicles, mobile enforcement squad vehicles of the Motor Vehicles Department and fire tenders and vehicles of fire stations have been included.

Covered lights

When the vehicles do not carry these high dignitaries, the red beacon lights on the vehicle should be covered. But, it is seldom followed in the State.

  • Public interest litigation filed in High Court

  • Notification under Central Motor Vehicles Act