The Kaziranga National Park has lost another tiger. The authorities recovered the carcass of an adult tigress in the Agaratoli range of the park on Friday.

The authorities are yet to ascertain the actual cause of death and are awaiting forensic reports on the samples sent for laboratory tests. This was the fifth tiger carcass recovered this year, and the third in November.

Park sources said the samples sent for examination included deer hair that was found in its stomach.

The reports will clarify on the possibility of poisoning, although chances of tiger's prey being contaminated with poison would appear to be remote.

Earlier, on November 11, patrolling staff of the Gerakati camp of the World Heritage Site's Bagori range recovered the carcass of an adult tiger.

On November 10, the carcass of another adult tiger was recovered by the patrolling staff at the Laudubi camp of the Kohora range.

The preliminary investigation and post-mortem report could not ascertain the cause of death as the carcass was in a stage of advanced decay.

“The area close to the carcass had no signs of fighting, and the forest staff has not heard any tigers fighting in the area. The tiger might have died due to old age,” stated a report.