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… being aware of an interactive session with him. Till now I have not been given the agenda of the programme and there is no way I’m going to confer legitimacy on a man under whose watch the 2002 violence happened.”

Another invitee, who turned down the offer to attend, told The Hindu on condition of anonymity: “If prominent Muslims attend the meet, it will not be to their benefit but to the benefit of Mr. Modi’s campaign managers who will project it as a major victory ahead of the 2014 general election. I do not want to be party to this.”

On the other hand, Mr. Sareshwala was full of optimism: “People had apprehension so I said, ‘come on. Mr. Modi wants to listen to youths including Muslim youths. Why not ask him questions, even tough questions, during the interactive?’” He added: “Till when will we talk about conspiracy theories about Modi? Why should not Muslims talk to Mr. Modi?”

All eyes will be on the meet to see who attends it and who drops out.