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New Master Plan for Delhi ready and signed, notification to be issued within 48 hours

NEW DELHI: Union Urban Development Minister S. Jaipal Reddy signed the much-awaited new Master Plan for Delhi-2021 on Tuesday and also announced immediate relief for the Capital's traders by declaring that the stipulated sealing drive would not resume from Wednesday.

Speaking on the sidelines of the seventh Editors' Conference on Social Sector Issues, Mr. Reddy said the new Master Plan would be notified within 48 hours. Explaining why this much time was required, he said the new plan document needed to be published in Hindi too.

Stating that his Ministry would try and ensure that "sealing does not take place," Mr. Reddy said the drive would not resume on Wednesday as there were no commercial establishments that had to be sealed for their failure to submit undertakings to the Municipal Corporation of Delhi.

Mixed land use norms

The Master Plan has incorporated several liberal mixed land use norms which had been notified last September 7 and 15 to provide relief to people from sealing and demolitions.

It would re-designate areas as "commercial," "residential" and "mixed" and legalise commercial activity on 2,183 roads notified by the MCD and 100 more roads notified by the Delhi Development Authority (DDA), thereby giving relief to about 5 lakh traders.

Mr. Reddy said the Master Plan would regulate construction activity in Delhi and builders would be made more accountable through establishment of a regulatory authority.

Legislation is being drafted by the Centre to ensure that the builders provide basic amenities to the people.

`Will encourage in situ'

Mr. Reddy said the Plan would also encourage in situ development of slums and use of their land as a resource for promoting housing for all.

He also allayed fears of ecologists, saying activities that pose a threat to the environment would not be allowed. To address the needs of the growing population, the Master Plan will also seek to promote vertical development of Delhi.

The final document incorporates most of the suggestions made by the Delhi Government following a special session of the Delhi Assembly on the issue in January.