Even as a worried Congress and the UPA government are struggling to come to a conclusion on the intensified demand for creation of Telangana, Justice B.N. Srikrishna, who headed a committee and submitted his report on the issue to the Centre, on Saturday said: “It is for them to take a political decision.” Talking to The Hindu on Saturday from Mumbai, he replied in the negative to a question whether he was consulted again by the Centre. Though it gave six options as part of its recommendations, the committee itself said the sixth one “stands out as the best way forward ” — that of keeping Andhra Pradesh united, simultaneously providing definite constitutional/statutory measures for the socio-economic development and political empowerment of the Telangana region including creation of a statutorily-empowered Regional Council.

“The united Andhra Pradesh option is being suggested for continuing the development momentum of the three regions and keeping in mind the national perspective.” It “would also take care of the uncertainty over the future of Hyderabad as a bustling, educational, industrial and IT hub/destination.” For management of water and irrigation resources equitably, a technical body, a Water Management Board, and an Irrigation Project Development Corporation in expanded role have been recommended.