: Social activist Anna Hazare on Friday criticised the government decision to ask the States to constitute the institute of lokayuktas. He said this was contrary to the assurance given by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh based on which he ended his 12-day fast on the Ramlila Grounds in 2011.

“In his letter, the Prime Minister has said Parliament had passed a resolution on our demands for creation of lokayuktas in the States through the Lokpal Bill, inclusion of lower bureaucracy and Citizen’s Charter. Now one-and-half years have passed and there has been no decision on it.’’

When a reporter said it was the prerogative of Parliament to make laws, Mr. Hazare said he did not dispute it, “but in a democracy when the people want their elected representatives to make a particular law keeping their interest in mind, why should the Parliamentarians not do it?’’ he asked and then said, “that is because then all tainted MPs and Ministers will have to go to jail.’’

‘Dynasty politics’

Mr. Hazare took a pot-shot at the Congress’ recent Chintan Shivir in Jaipur where AICC general secretary Rahul Gandhi was appointed the party’s vice-president.

Dubbing dynasty politics as “dangerous” because the “incumbents lack experience,” he said: “The Chintan Shivir was only for coming to power. If the Chintan was for removing corruption, then why has the anti-corruption Lokpal Bill not been passed in the last two years despite assurances from various quarters, including Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Congress president Sonia Gandhi?”

“It was said during the Chintan Shivir that power was poison… that is not correct. If it were poison then why is everyone running for it? Are they running for poison? No, power is an intoxicant and that is why everyone is after it… power from money and money from power… this needs to be rectified.”