The Information Technology sector has done more harm than good to Bangalore, said V. Balasubramanian, the former Additional Chief Secretary.

Speaking on ‘Bangalore — from Boom City to Doom City: will half of Bangalore be evacuated in 10 years?’ here on Saturday, he said that with the hype created over the years, people do not realise that Bangalore is actually a dying city.

The last nail in the coffin will be the proposed Information and Communication Technology Region that will require acquisition of 14,500 acres of land in and around the city for the development of the IT sector. This will create additional 12 lakh jobs and thereby, increase population by 50 lakh. The city will require additional power of 1,200 MW, additional drinking water of 750 million litres a day (MLD), and 600 MLD sewage and 1,800 tonnes of solid waste a day would be generated. He urged Bangaloreans to take responsibility for the city’s survival.