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... house of one of Mr. Namoshi’s friends too was searched.

The search at the Adichunchanagiri Math in Vijayanagar in Bangalore, IT sources said, was based on the suspicion that several incriminating documents relating to alleged financial irregularities of the medical college were kept there.

The searches at the math, in fact, took a political turn with members of the Vokkaliga community laying siege to the building and threatening the IT Department officials who were inside. The mob accused the IT officials of targeting their community. The police had to baton charge the protesters to disperse them.

DCP (West) C. Rajappa, however, tried to downplay the fracas outside the math and said that a hundred people were staging a protest there and were dispersed.

Congress MLA D.K. Shivakumar tried to enter the math premises while the searches were on but was kept at bay by the officials. He emerged from the building to tell reporters that he will “do everything to protect the math” and vowed to take up the matter with the national leadership of his party in New Delhi. BJP MLA and former Homer Minister R. Ashok too condemned the searches as politically motivated and described it as “an affront to the religious sentiments of the Vokkaliga community”.

Medical Education Minister Sharan Prakash Patil said the ongoing admissions to these medical colleges would not be affected by the searches by the IT Department. “The raids and the admissions are two separate issues,” he said.