New Delhi: This is the statement issued by Pratap C. Reddy, Chairman, Apollo Hospitals Group, on Wednesday: ``Modern high technology medicine that we provide at Apollo, and practised by exceptionally gifted and dedicated doctors, saved a life on the morning of June 2nd.

``If it were not alarming, I would be amused by insinuations that I sent out SMSs at early hours of the morning. Besides the fact that I don't use SMSs, it is absurd that details with so much falsehood should be provided to misguide the public and the media.

``It is distressing that as a society we do not appreciate the efforts of doctors, who put in their best. Each of you who has ever had an experience of near-death situations will know that expert care, properly administered, makes the difference between life and death. I salute the Apollo team that did just this and hope you will applaud them too.

``In an emergency situation, administrative details are secondary to saving lives and just to set the record straight there is absolutely nothing that was fudged at the hospital. The medico legal register has no confusion at all. To allay any allegations of tampering, we handed over the samples as soon as they came to the police for forensic testing.

``We, at all times, have cooperated with the investigating authorities, which is highlighted by the fact that more than 6 of our top doctors left behind hundreds of their needy patients to answer the repetitive questions of the police over a period of two days.

``As has been reiterated earlier also, it was the hospital's choice for being absolutely sure and as a matter of abundant caution to send the samples to an independent lab.

``It is a known fact that even the highest court of the land suggests that the first responsibility of a hospital is to stabilise any critical patient that comes to it and then give attention to processes and procedures and that's precisely what was done.

``I fully stand by my doctors and support staff that have saved the life of a person that day and keep on doing the same every day. It is indeed a sad day for the complete medical fraternity of the country when members of their group are being traumatised as a result of the ongoing witch-hunting.''