Surrender is the path for us to reach God, and it is a path that is easy to adopt even for the worst sinners. The Lord is like a parent, ever ready to forgive us, if we resort to total surrender, said M.V. Anantapadmanabhachariar.

But when such a simple method to attain moksha is available, we still argue that since we have many duties in this life, we do not have time to ponder over the kindness of the Lord and surrender to Him. We cannot offer such excuses. Nor can we wait till we have taken care of all our responsibilities in life.

Life's demands will always be there. We have to think of moksha even while we go about doing our duties. To say that we will think of surrender after we have fulfilled all our duties in life is like saying that we will have to wait till the dashing waves have fallen silent before we can take a bath in the ocean. Will the waves ever stop? In the same way, worldly duties only keep multiplying and are never done with. We cannot therefore postpone surrender to the Lord. It is never too early to think of the Lord.

If we are aware of the Lord's infinite love for us, we will not offer any excuses, but will think of surrender right away. Lord Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita that four types of people seek Him: he who seeks wealth; he who has lost his wealth, and seeks to recover it; he who seeks atma anubhava; and He who seeks Lord Krishna Himself. Krishna says He likes all four categories of people because all of them are large-hearted. How can this be so?

This too is explained by the Lord. Krishna says these people who seek Him are witness to His kindness. They show the world that He is generous to His devotees. Among these four, the gnani is the best, says the Lord. Such gnanis who seek nothing but Lord Krishna Himself are His atma, He avers. This is His religion.

These words of the Lord show His infinite love for everyone. Even when we seek worldly favours from Him, He loves us. But our duty is to aspire for moksha and not to ask the Lord for petty favours. We must make ourselves worthy of receiving His love.