Motilal Banarsidass Publishers (MLBD) and Bharat Soka Gakkai will confer the first MLBD Indology Award on Soka Gakkai International president Daisaku Ikeda here in the Capital this Saturday.

Publishers' 108th year in the field

The renowned publishers, who celebrate their 108 {+t} {+h} year in the field of Indology (the study of the Indian subcontinent), will present the award to Dr. Ikeda for his “outstanding contribution in the field of Indic research and Oriental wisdom”. The renowned Buddhist philosopher is a recipient of more than 300 academic awards and honorary doctorates from various institutions and universities around the world. He has also published several books on Buddhist philosophy.

To be given tomorrow

The award will be presented by Union Culture Ministry secretary Jawhar Sircar at the International Peace Centre in Huaz Khas here tomorrow.