Staff Reporter

NEW DELHI: Delhi University Teachers' Association members on Saturday held a protest at the venue of the 70 {+t} {+h} session of the Indian History Congress on the University campus against Thursday's proceedings of the Academic Council in which Vice-Chancellor Deepak Pental had reportedly passed the semester-based courses of the Science Faculty.

The teachers, who had been agitating on the issue for three days, said the concerns and questions about procedural and academic aspects that Deans and heads of departments raised were not even considered.

The Deans of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Faculty of Education and heads of departments of Germanic and Romance Studies, Geography, English and Economics have issued a joint statement to “express their deep concern and dismay at the manner in which the Academic Council was closed.'' They said “according to us no courses were passed at the meeting…which was abruptly closed at 12.10 a.m.”

A note of dissent was also submitted by the elected members of the AC to the V-C. Its member Dr. Abha Dev Habib said: “Parents ought to be worried about their children studying courses which have not come in through the proper channel.”

Prof. Pental, who was supposed to be present at the proceedings of the Indian History Congress, did not turn up. “The Osmania University was supposed to hold the session. But that had to be cancelled and DU offered a venue for the event,” he said, adding that it was not binding on him to attend the session.

In the context of protests by the teachers, he said: “These are just coercive techniques being used during the past two or three months to scuttle the semester system. There are hundreds who are willing to participate in the process of change. There are just some who want to dictate the course that the university will take.”

Regarding allegations that people were unhappy with the way the AC meeting was conducted, he added: “Those who have not done their work are unhappy and want to pull back those who have brought on the courses for the semester system.”

The session of the Indian History Congress, a large body of professional historians, was inaugurated by Prof. Irfan Habib while the presidential address was delivered by Prof. R. Champalakshmi.