In a bid to promote ‘Brand India’, the government on Thursday allowed sale of goods manufactured in India, sans excise duty, to incoming and outgoing international passengers and crew at duty-free shops (DFSs) at airports.

The notification has already been issued, according to a Finance Ministry statement here.

Directions have also been given to specify the procedure for removal of goods from the factory, without payment of excise duty, to godowns or retail outlets of DFSs.

Till now the DFSs located at arrival halls of international airports have been selling duty-free imported goods. Indigenous goods are also sold but not exempted from duty.

Following representations for duty-free sale of India-made goods both during arrival and departure, to ensure parity with imported goods as also promote Brand India, the government held discussions with stakeholders and arrived at the decision.

Now, a passenger arriving from abroad can buy either duty-free imported goods or duty-free indigenous goods within his overall permissible baggage allowance, says the statement.