Pakistan’s Ambassador to the U.S., Jalil Abbas Jilani, said India and Pakistan had reopened back-channel talks following a meeting between the Prime Ministers in New Delhi last month.

According to Dawn , Mr. Jilani said on Tuesday that Pakistan desired an uninterrupted peace process with India that would address the causes of all outstanding disputes and “not just symptoms”.

Mr. Jilani said there had been proposals to develop a serious mechanism to counter terrorism, adding that revival of the peace process would be the first step towards creating a cooperative and tension-free relationship between the two countries.

Trade ties

Mr. Jilani said that Pakistan was interested in improving trade and economic relations with India, as it believed that this could bring prosperity to the entire region.

The Ambassador further said the Foreign Secretaries would meet shortly to resume the delayed peace process, the report added.

The back-channel talks intend to address terrorism and other issues. — ANI