The Indian Medical Association has written to Union Health Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad demanding to know if the Government is serious about raising a new cadre of rural health workers.

‘Policy issue'

“The IMA wants to know if the Union Government is raising a new cadre of health workers and why it is seeking recognition from the Medical Council of India. It will be inappropriate on the part of the Government to give a directive to the MCI on an issue that does not qualify to be classified as a ‘policy issue'. It is duty-bound to consider patient safety and consequences on the health of the citizens,” said IMA president Vinay Aggarwal.

“The IMA feels the MCI should reflect the views of the medical profession and refuse to endorse the Bachelor of Rural Medicine course. The MCI should not be cowed down by the viewpoints of the Government,” Dr. Aggarwal added.

In its letter, the IMA said the Government should find a better way to overcome the shortage of modern medicine professionals in the rural area.

“Lowering the standard of medical education and producing low quality professionals is not the solution. It should render medical service to the rural population in a manner equivalent to that available to the urban population,'' said IMA secretary-general D.R. Rai.

The IMA has asked the Government to be open-minded on the issue and debate it further with medical professionals and civil society.

“The IMA is willing to cooperate with the Government to find a solution on rural health,” said Dr. Rai.

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