For the first time the International Film Festival of India will promote social responsibility and inclusivity as part of the festival.

On Sunday, parents of children with special needs would give film makers, media and delegates a glimpse into the lives of these children and families through three small films they have made. The films are — ‘Janam', ‘Aagazh,' and ‘Parvaaz.'

Shalini Gupta, Neena Wagh and Kusum Tiwari, the three mothers who created an informal group ‘Saath,' and have come forward to sensitise film makers and delegates about their mission to create an awareness about the needs of such children and their families, disclosed this initiative at a press conference at the media centre of the IFFI here on Friday.

Ms. Gupta said they would also share real life stories and script ideas with filmmakers and IFFI delegates and actually offer them royalty-free scripts in approximately 500 words and will give access to filmmakers to such 200 untold stories.

Ms. Wagh said the awareness in our country about the specially abled children and their needs was still not developed and this put an additional stress on the parents and families. Such initiatives would help spread awareness, she said.

Emphasising the social responsibility of cinema, IFFI Director Shankar Mohan said cinema had always been about social change and awareness and therefore, the IFFI had given this platform to the brave parents who would be interacting with the delegates and sharing their experiences