The change in the Indian political system, marked by caste mobilisation and narrow identity politics, is the reason behind attack on inter-caste marriage couple including Divya-Ilavarasan of Dharmapuri, said Subashini Ali, vice-president, All India Democratic Women’s Association (Aidwa).

“In the last 20 years, there is a change in Indian politics. Earlier, even political parties helping the rich had some ideology and beliefs. Today, everything has changed. All political parties, other than the Left, are indulging in caste mobilisation and identity politics for votes and remaining in power,” said Ms. Ali who was here to deliver first Captain Lakshmi memorial lecture organised by the Aidwa.

In the cases of love affairs in the past, only family members concerned used to intervene and now, the intervention of outside groups in such affairs was becoming a trend, as could be seen in the case of Dharmapuri.

Referring to how Dalit colonies were attacked last year as a sequel to the marriage of Ilavarasan and Divya, she wondered how this could happen in Tamil Nadu which had a 70-year history of anti-casteism, anti-Brahmin movement and encouraged self-respect marriage.

She said whether it was in Tamil Nadu or in Andhra Pradesh or some other State, it was always members of the dominant caste, who were numerically large in numbers, attack people of the oppressed section.

She said if the government and the police failed to take action against members of the dominant caste even though they knew well that they were doing something illegal, it was because of vote bank politics.

Aidwa secretary U. Vasuki and actress Suhashini Manirtanam were among those who participated.


Marriage, not anymore a knotty issueMarch 19, 2014