“I am glad the verdict was delivered so fast, in less than two years… but I am unhappy with the quantum of punishment,” said Rajender Kachroo, father of Aman Kachroo, reacting to the verdict by the fast track court in Dharamshala on Thursday.

“The quantum has diluted the message. Of the four accused, the ringleader had a background of crime and anger. The court should have distinguished between people who initiated the violence and those who were led into it,” he said.

He added that the family would consult the public prosecutor to move an application for revision of the quantum of punishment.

Mr. Kachroo launched the “Aman Movement” in 2009 for eradication of ragging from the country. “One aspect of our campaign is over. Punishment of the crime is a process of prevention,” he said, adding that justice for Aman would be complete when India is free from the menace of ragging.

The Raghavan Committee report had made recommendations to prevent ragging in higher education institutions, based on which the Supreme Court had directed the University Grants Commission to set up a toll-free anti-ragging helpline. The helpline was launched in 2009, but according to Mr. Kachroo, it was “messed up” by the UGC. “The helpline is a total failure. There are no data bases in place.”