Tension prevailed at Amir Hyder Ali Nagar on the banks of Tungabhadra river in the city on Friday when revenue officials supported by the police and municipal staff evicted the residents.

The supporters of CPI(M) protested vehemently against the police and revenue action and staged a demonstration. The police cordoned off the area and did not allow any outsider into the colony and demolished the houses. The officials gave little time to the inhabitants to recover their valuables from the houses.

However, the CPI(M) leaders sneaked into the colony by entering from different routes and tried to protest. The police arrested them instantaneously and shifted them to Three Town and Four Town police stations.

Even press persons were barred from entering the area. CPI(M) State committee member T. Shadrak, who is lodged in Three Town, alleged that the local Minister was behind the operation since it was the stronghold of the CPI(M). In the name of allotting housing units at Jagannatha Gattu, the authorities forcibly evicted the residents. He said about 300 families were living in the area for ten years and most were working as housemaids and other menial jobs in the vicinity. The authorities have no knowledge that the city is clean because of the service rendered by the poor, he said. The supporters of YSRC also tried to express solidarity with the residents but the leaders were not given access to the colony.