Hundreds of people witnessed the ‘mahasamprokshanam’ of Sri Seetharama Lakshmana Anjaneyaswamy Temple at Soorakottai near here on Thursday.

Amid chanting of “Govinda Govinda” and bursting of fire-crackers, holy water was poured over the ‘kalasam’ on the ‘vimana’ at 9.30 a.m. and ‘aarthi’ taken.

Coming under the control of HR and CE Department, the temple is located amid paddy fields belonging to film actor Sivaji Ganesan. The actor’s family renovated the more than 200 year-old temple and performed the ‘mahasamprokshanam.’

The temple, according to a Marathi epigraph, was built by Ammani Dase, elder sister of Maratha king Chatrapathi Shivaji who ruled Thanjavur, during her visit to Rameswaram. She installed the idols and made arrangements for ‘annadhanam.’

G. Ramkumar, the eldest son of Sivaji Ganesan, actors Prabhu and Vikram Prabhu, Giri Shanmugham, cousin brother of Prabhu, who undertook the renovation of the temple, and S. Suresh Kumar, District Revenue Officer, witnessed the event

Mr. Giri Shanmugham said, “the temple was in dilapidated condition for many years. We decided to renovate the temple after people approached us. We met Jeer Swamigal and got his permission. We started the renovation in June last year.” Mr. Ramkumar said that it is unique only in this temple we have statues of both Rama and Krishna, two avatars of the Lord Vishnu”. A drama “Maaveeran Chatrapathi Sivaji” was staged in the evening.