Kerala State Human Rights Commission has ordered payment of Rs.1 lakh as compensation to each of the families of children who were jailed following police action on adivasis at Muthanga in Wayanad in 2003.

Children jailed

The order, issued by Commission member K.E. Gangadharan, noted that as many as 161 children were jailed along with their parents. In case, these families had sustained any further damages, they must be compensated for that as well.

Action should also be taken against the police personnel concerned, the Commission said.

The Commission observed that what had happened at Muthanga was clear breach of human rights.

The investigation team of the Commission had found that senior police officials were also responsible for the police action. The report of the investigation team was a testimony to the miseries that the adivasis and their children had suffered.

State failed

The State had the duty to offer protection to the life and property of every citizen, the Commission said. In the Muthanga incident, the State had failed to do this. As such, it was for the State to own up responsibility for the police atrocities, the Commission noted.