J. Venkatesan

Aim is to have inter-disciplinary approach

“We want to have B.A. (Law) without the need for the student to practise law”

New Delhi: The objective of the constitution of a 12-member committee for revamping legal education is to suggest measures for integrating it so as to have an inter-disciplinary approach, Human Resource Development Minister Kapil Sibal said on Thursday.

Referring to the Bar Council of India’s criticism of the move, Mr. Sibal said his Ministry was determined to bring about radical changes in legal education though some vested interests were opposing it. He said the BCI did not have the infrastructure to go into these issues. He was addressing members of the Bar after declaring open a new lounge in the Supreme Court library.

The Ministry was also exploring the possibility of introducing law as a subject at the undergraduate level as well as in the school curriculum. At the college level “we want to have B.A. (Law) without the need for him [the student] to practise law. Similarly an engineer or a doctor can study law and we want to have a multidisciplinary approach.”

Supreme Court Bar Association president M.N. Krishnamani and vice-president Priya Hingorani assured Mr. Sibal of the support of the Bar in the reforms.