Special Correspondent

NEW DELHI: Bharatiya Janata Party secretary Vijay Goel on Saturday attacked the Government and the Congress for replacing the `Saral' Income Tax returns form with a complicated one.

Mr. Goel said the `Saral' form was put in place by the Finance Ministry to simplify the procedure and attract "more and more taxpayers." The worst to be affected by the changed format was the common citizen who was an "honest tax payer" and whose income tax was deducted at the source at the time of payment of salary. With the coming into force of the new form, any income tax assessee would need to consult a chartered accountant, thus leading to an increase in the cost of compliance. It would also necessitate retaining of records at junior levels of employment.

"This single step by the Finance Ministry under the Congress regime would not only create avenues for harassment of the common taxpayer by the tax man but also enlarge the scope of corruption within the organisation."