Dharmadhikari of Dharmastala D. Veerendra Heggade has said he is opposed to any move by the government to take over temples managed by religious maths.

He told journalists here on Thursday that the Krishna temple in Udupi could not be separated from the Ashta Maths.

“Seers of the Ashta Maths take turns to perform puja at the temple. The temple has been part of the maths’ tradition. The maths and the temple are inseparable,” he said.

On the Mahabaleshwara temple in Gokarna, Mr. Heggade said the temple was badly maintained when it was under the Muzrai Department.

“The temple administration has improved a lot after the Sri Ramachandrapura Math took over it. Devotees are also happy with the development,” he said.

The Dharmadhikari said if the government was unhappy with the systems being followed by the maths in the temples, it should raise such issues with the math authorities.

“People from different communities have been involved in temple activities at different levels for centuries. However, many systems have changed over the years,” he said.