Lord Krishna is the One who creates, sustains and destroys life. It is in His power and only in His power to save us. Krishna studied under sage Sandeepini.

At the end of the period of study, Krishna wanted to offer something to his teacher. He wondered what He could offer. Sage Sandeepini said he would confer with his wife and let Krishna know. Many years before, Sandeepini's son had been drowned in a river while bathing. Sandeepini's wife told her husband to ask Krishna to restore the dead son to them.

Accordingly Sandeepini asked Krishna to bring back his dead son to life, and Krishna did so. Thus, He not only protects but, on occasion, has even brought back to life those who were dead.

The story of Parikshit is another testimony to the Lord's kindness in ridding His devotees of their sorrow, said M.V. Anantapadmanabhachariar. It was at Parikshit's request that sage Sukha Brahma narrated Srimad Bhagavatam to Parikshit. But Parikshit would never have been alive to listen to the greatness of Lord Krishna, if Krishna Himself had not so willed.

Parikshit was the son of Uttara and Abhimanyu and the grandson of Arjuna. He was born dead. In fact, he was born like a blackened piece of wood. The overwrought family did not know what to do. It was said that if a Brahmachari touched the lifeless child, it would come to life. No one came forward to touch the child. It was not that there was a dearth of Brahmacharis. Lord Krishna then offered to touch the child. But Krishna was not a bachelor. How could He then bring the child to life, with His touch? But the Lord declared: “If I am a Brahmachari, then let this child come to life.” So saying, He touched the lifeless wood, and the wood became the baby Parikshit. Such is the power of His words. If the Lord wills something, can anything contrary to His wishes ever happen? If the Lord decides that something is not to be, can any power on this Earth overturn His decision?

We draw our strength and sustenance from Him. Without His blessings, we can do nothing. None of our achievements can be termed ours. They emanate from the Lord, and we owe every boon and success to Him.