“It confirms all issues I've raised”

Janata Party president Subramanian Swamy on Saturday said the affidavit filed on behalf of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in the Supreme Court confirmed all issues he had raised on the 2G spectrum allocation.

He called for immediate cancellation of licences issued through undervalued sale of 2G spectrum.

“I am satisfied that the affidavit confirms all my issues with facts. I am happy with the response.” Now, Dr. Swamy told journalists here, he was free to file a complaint before a sessions judge and ask that a warrant be issued against A. Raja, who quit as Telecom Minister last week for his alleged role in the spectrum allocation.

Dr. Swamy said the Prime Minister replied only to one of the five letters he had sent on the 2G spectrum issue.

“This [sale of 2G] is the biggest scam of the world which cost the government exchequer Rs. 1.76 lakh crore. So, all licences must be cancelled immediately and a fresh auction held.”

Dr. Swamy said he had also written to Dr. Singh urging him to put Mr. Raja under a high-level security cover. “I think, a jail could be a secure place for Mr. Raja.”

He said he had urged the Prime Minister to ask the U.S. to share bank transfer records on the 2G spectrum deal, which it maintains through its communication facility, “as these data are vital for future prosecution and finding out the bribe money trail.”

“A mute Bhishma”

Describing Dr. Singh as “Bhishma,” who mutely witnessed the sins of the Kauravas, Dr. Swamy said he was not directly involved in the scam and so he would not press for the Prime Minister's resignation.

Though the Prime Minister took two years to respond to his letters, Dr. Swamy said, Dr. Singh was not responsible for the scam “because he is an economist and did not study law.”

Dr. Swamy claimed that a whopping Rs. 60,000 crore was paid as bribe in the undervalued sale of 2G spectrum.

On the former RSS chief's remarks against Congress president Sonia Gandhi, Dr. Swamy said these were correct and challenged her to file a defamation case against K.S. Sudarshen. — PTI