Congress demands suspension of BJP members involved in ‘porngate'

The Opposition Congress members noisily raised the “porngate” scandal in the Gujarat Assembly on Thursday, forcing the Speaker to adjourn the House four times before suspending all the Congress members for the day.

As soon as the House assembled, Congress members were on their feet demanding the suspension of the two Bharatiya Janata Party members, Shankar Chaudhary and Jetha Bharwad, who were allegedly caught watching pornographic clippings on an iPad in the House on Wednesday.

Speaker Ganpat Vasava refused to oblige, pointing out that he had already referred the matter to a House privilege committee and sent the iPad in question to the Forensic Science Laboratory for examination. There was no question of taking action against the two members on the basis of allegations, he said.

This failed to satisfy the Congress members who continued to demand the suspension of the two BJP members, forcing the Speaker to adjourn the House. When the House re-assembled, the Congress members were on their feet again. The Speaker adjourned the House three more times and then ordered the suspension of the entire Opposition for the day. In the absence of the Opposition members, the House transacted the business of adopting budgetary demands.

On Wednesday, local Gujarati dailies carried a report claiming that the two BJP members were found watching pornographic clippings on their iPad. The duo, however, refuted the allegation and offered to quit politics if the allegation was proved correct.