The Tamil Nadu Minerals Ltd. has submitted before the Madras High Court that it does not propose to give up its decision to establish a graphite factory in Sivaganga district.

The submission came when two PILs, one questioning a tender notification of September 14 last year and seeking a direction to authorities to consider establishing factories to manufacture finished products by implementing an earlier tender notification of March 2010, came up. The other petition sought to quash a tender notification dated November 8 last year and seeking a direction to the authorities to sell graphite flakes only after converting them into finished products.

The petitioner's counsel submitted that TAMIN had given the go-by to the proposal for establishing factories to produce products from graphite flakes. Instead, tenders for sale of graphite in powder form had been invited. This should not be permitted and graphite should be disposed of only after it was converted into products.

The company submitted it would not grant any preference to foreign buyers and that they would be treated on a par with other buyers or participants from the country. Petitioner M. Gowrishankaran's apprehension that the proposal to establish a graphite factory had been given up was without any basis. The company was actively pursuing the notification of March last year calling for expression of interest for setting up the unit for manufacturing finished products from prospective promoters.