Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar on Friday came out in strong support for the animal protection movement promising support for animal protection laws and committed that within one year, he would make Goa the foremost animal-friendly State.

Inaugurating “India for Animals Conference 2012” here on Friday, organised by The Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations (FIAPO), an umbrella body of animal protection groups, Mr. Parrikar emphasised the need for sensitising officials who implement the relevant laws. He endorsed the work of animal rights activists.

The three-day conference has brought together both domestic and international animal protection organisations.

Day one of the conference saw a range of issues being discussed by experts in the field and animal rights activists.

From learning how to improve law enforcement, to rabies control, humane education to fundraising; animal protection organisations from across the nation joined hands under the FIAPO banner, uniting for a common purpose, to eradicate animal cruelty and end the suffering of the great vote-less and voiceless majority.

The highlight of day one was the innovative and interactive session, “The Animal Protection Museum” where they created their vision of a future where animal protection movements were no longer necessary.

Using craft and creative expression, participants created an unusual display of symbols of cruelty towards animals which were in practice across the country.

These symbols were a reflection of the attitude of apathy and ignorance towards animal welfare issues, currently prevalent in a large part of the society.

These symbols were then displayed as museum exhibits, symbolising a future in 2050 where these implements would become extinct and compassion and understanding towards animal species become the norm.

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