The Indian Institute of Technology-Kharagpur (IIT-KGP) will soon offer international programmes for its undergraduate students in collaboration with foreign universities. “We are preparing to offer a summer programme where students from across the world, representatives of the industry and the IIT-KGP’s own students can participate,” a senior official of the institute said. It is expected to be a unique undergraduate programme for the students and diploma for outsiders.

Semester of choice

As part of their regular undergraduate engineering courses on offer, the students will undertake the international programme over a chosen semester, he said.

“The institute will tie up with top-ranking institutions anywhere in the globe and offer the best academic experience and exposure to the students. IIT-KGP is trying to keep the programmes as flexible as possible to ensure that all the participating students benefit,” said the official.

The programme’s international flavour will help in attracting the best students to IIT-KGP who now show preference for other IITs, the institute officials felt.

“When students would see that apart from getting an IIT degree they are also having international exposure, the undergraduate programme at IIT KGP would become an attractive destination for the talented students of the country,” the senior official said.

Extra credits

Along with the said programme, the institute will devise ways to give students ‘credits’ for extra and co-curricular activities. “We often find how creative the students are when they build robots, racing cars and design other innovations. The institute is planning to award them credits for such endeavour,” said the faculty member.