Sports Ministry closely following media reports of issues of the Games

Sports Minister M.S. Gill promised on Saturday to take “prompt and appropriate” action in cases of corruption in the Commonwealth Games and said all deals for the games should be tabled in Parliament.

Mr. Gill said that if any irregularities related to the mega event, to be held from October 3 to 14, were brought to his Ministry's notice, it would deal with it seriously and swiftly. “Anything that needs to be looked at must be looked at and it will continue even after the Games. I believe that we must put forward everything before Parliament and the people,” he told reporters here.

“I am closely following whatever has been reported in the media related to the various issues of the Games... Whatever they may be, the clear policy and duty of the Ministry is that if anything comes to our notice which needed to be dealt with, then the officers must make sure that they deal with it promptly and appropriately.

“I believe that in our country, which is a very powerful and vibrant democracy with a very strong press, we need to support the democracy and the people's right to know,” the Minister said.

The Delhi Games were hit by a major scam after the British government raised questions about a substantial sum of money which was transferred to A.M. Films, a little known British company, from the Games Organising Committee.

Reports said over £4.50 lakh were transferred through a British bank to the company, which was also said to be receiving £25,000 a month for costume designing.

Mr. Gill said financial bungling might be making headlines, but at this crucial juncture, hosting a successful Games should be the priority of all the parties concerned.

“The major parties support the necessity to conclude the Games in a successful manner for the honour and the good of the country and now it should be the prime duty for all of us,” he said. — PTI