Pinning their hopes on a lesser sentence and aware of the “lengthy legal process” of the country, which might delay their execution if at all they are given the maximum punishment, Mukesh, Akshay Thakur, Vinay Sharma and Pawan Gupta did not show any visible signs of anxiety on Thursday, said sources in the Tihar Jail.

“They all followed their normal schedule and appeared totally unfazed by any possible outcome in the case. Some of them are convinced that the arguments presented by their defence counsels will have a mitigating effect and they would escape the noose,” said a jail source.

Their ever-changing claims in the court notwithstanding, the four, particularly younger convicts Pawan and Vinay, have been explicitly remorseful of the heinous crime they committed and have often shared this with their fellow inmates as well as the security personnel during their stay in Tihar. Some police personnel from the districts who accompanied the four during their court appearances also recalled similar instances.