The Gurgaon Police Cyber Cell has solved a case of online stalking and harassment of a woman software engineer in less than 48 hours.

The culprit, who turned out to be one of the close friends of the victim, was let-off after a stern warning as the complainant did not want a First Information Report in the case.

The police said the 25-year-old software engineer had approached the office of Police Commissioner saying she was being stalked online and harassed.

She told the police that an unidentified man had hacked her email-ID and was sending her mails containing obscene content and abusive language. The stalker also made calls on her mobile to harass her, she alleged.

“The caller had been using a technology in which his mobile number was not shown on the screen of the victim, but the mobile numbers of those of victim’s cousin, brother and maternal uncle would be displayed. It made the job of the police that much difficult,” said a senior police officer.

The case was transferred to the Cyber Cell and a team led by Inspector Suresh Kumar cracked the case within 48 hours. The culprit turned out be a close friend of the victim. He initially denied his involvement. But when confronted with technical details, he allegedly confessed to stalking the woman.