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Communication festival ‘Article 19’ begins

‘Blogging on the Internet needs to be regulated’

Manipal: Registrar of Manipal University G.K. Prabhu said on Thursday that freedom of expression was a powerful tool for journalists, but it should be used with great responsibility.

He was speaking after inaugurating “Article 19”, an international communication festival organised by the Manipal Institute of Communication (MIC) here.

Dr. Prabhu said that the freedom of expression had certain restrictions attached to it, and journalists should respect them.

Krishna Mariyanka, Director-Consultant of Aikya Global, said that the field of communication carried with it a tremendous responsibility. At present, blogging on the Internet was uncontrolled. Some form of regulation was required to make it responsible. The Supreme Court had recently observed that bloggers would be held responsible for the content of their blogs. Bloggers should focus on issues, he said.

Director of the Manipal Institute of Communication M.V. Kamath said the attack by a fringe group on some girls at a pub in Mangalore recently was wrong. President of Sri Rama Sene Pramod Muthalik did not know what Indian culture was. “Harmony among various communities is the defining feature of our country. Mr. Muthalik is insulting the culture of this country,” he said.

Student coordinator of the event Elvin Jacob delivered introductory remarks.

Prahlad Kakkar, a pioneer in the advertisement industry, conducted a workshop for the participants.

Some of the participants presented papers on “Media and web entrepreneurship” and “Revitalising the newspaper business” at the Manipal Media Students’ Convention, which is also a part of “Article 19”.