Minister for Minor Irrigation T.G. Venkatesh asked the officials of Municipal Corporation to source life boats to shift stranded residents in case of floods. Addressing a meeting of officials on disaster management, sponsored by UNDA and the Union government here on Saturday, he said the 2009 floods taught the officials and people a bitter lesson as coming out of the flooded area itself was a big problem, leave alone protecting the valuables and property. This happened due to lack of preparedness and absence of boats. The Kurnool district was always prepared for droughts, but not floods.

Now, things have changed as the machinery needed to be geared up to meet all kinds of natural disasters.

He suggested that early warning would bring down the casualties drastically. Preparedness should include early information systems and monitoring. The Minister mooted protection wall along the Tungabhadra river course at Kurnool and an escape route by constructing a bridge across the river.

He wanted the officials to map the industries in the vicinity of the city and threats from such units. Collector Ramsankar Naik called for coordination among revenue, municipality, irrigation and police during natural disasters. Tungabhadra river as well as reservoir levels in TB dam and Srisailam dam should be continuously monitored during rainy season as a larger threat was perceived from the three places.