Growers from Punjab have asked the district administration to fix the price of seed potato at Rs. 18 a kg.

Deputy Commissioner K.P. Mohan Raj said that the growers raised this demand at a meeting convened by the Director, Horticulture, in Bangalore on February 8. “They said the district administration should not put a cap on the price of seed potato. If the government wants to put a ceiling, it should not be less than Rs. 18 a kg,” he told a meeting here on Saturday.

Hassan district requires 26,000 tonnes of seed potato for cultivation. The price fixed by the district administration was Rs. 13 a kg last year.

H.S. Prakash, MLA, and Patel Shivaram, MLC, said putting a cap might dissuade growers from bringing seed potato to the district. “The government should try to bring certified seeds and sell them at subsidised rates,” Mr. Prakash said.