Justifying the continuation of Chennai Trade Recovery (CTR) charge at the Chennai Port Trust (ChPT) since August 15, Chennai Feeder Operators (CFO), a sub committee of Asian Feeder Discussion Group (AFDG), has laid down fresh conditions for its withdrawal saying normalcy was yet to return to the port.

A press statement issued by the CFO Secretariat on Friday, said that the CTR, which was different from vessel congestion surcharge, would be removed only after the opening of at least two more gates on 24-hour basis, reintroduction of berthing windows and withdrawal of artificial restrictions on handling volumes.

ChPT, a terminal without adequate infrastructure, had downed its shutters during mid-October to clear congestion at the terminal yards.

S.C. Lim, a spokesman for CFO said it was exactly a year ago the Chennai infrastructure problems started to rear its ugly head.

CFOs and vessel operators have been suffering the consequences of schedule delays. “All these have resulted in increasing costs and reducing freight revenue. As a result, significant losses have been endured for months and it is always much in arrears before any cost recovery charges are collected – and even then, only partially. A sequential look into the last 12 months' events outlines the facts of the situation and underlines the lack of adequate response and progress to-date at ChPT,” he said.

ChPT chairman, Atulya Misra said, “To clear the congestion, we opened gate no.5, extra leaf at zero gate and reopened 2A during night times. The present situation is posted on the web.”