Special Correspondent

NEW DELHI: Union Home Minister P. Chidambaram has called upon electors to turn out in large numbers on Friday to exercise their right to vote in the final phase of polling for electing a new Jharkhand legislative assembly.

In a statement here on Wednesday, he assured the voters that security forces were more than prepared to meet the challenge of the Maoists and others.

Lauding the impressive turnout in the first four phases which ranged from 53 to 64 per cent, he said that misinformation was being spread that the last phase would be difficult and interrupted by violent incidents engineered by the Maoists.

“Adequate security forces have been placed at the disposal of the Election Commission and the State administration.

“These forces are more than prepared to meet the challenge of the CPI (Maoist) and others who are intent on destroying the very foundations of democracy. It is within the power of the people to rebuke and reject all those who are opposed to the principles of the parliamentary democracy,” he said.

“The electorate in Jharkhand has demonstrated its maturity, wisdom and courage in the first four phases and, I have no doubt, the electorate would do so in the last phase too.”