A young boy who tried to take a closer look at a wild elephant that had strayed away from its herd was trampled to death by the pachyderm at Dodda Marana Halli Katte, in Bangalore South taluk, on Sunday.

The tragic incident happened after the elephant charged at villagers who were attempting to drive it back to the Savanadurga Forest Range by bursting crackers, beating drums and making loud noises. While the panic-stricken villagers managed to flee, the 11-year-old boy, Karthik, slipped and fell.

“The elephant turned violent. It gored him and later hurled his body into air, six or seven times and trampledhim. For about ten minutes it went on attacking the boy, even as everyone watched helplessly from a safe distance,” a policeman, who saw this all happen, told The Hindu over phone.

Forest officials have warned people living on the forest’s fringes not to venture out till the elephant joins its herd.

Karthik was a Class five student in the Sacred Children Convent school at Chandrappa Circle.