An elephant, named Grangattu Vishnuprasad, killed an elderly person while running amok at Porkkulam on Monday.

The deceased was identified as Simon, 75, of Porkkulam. He was rushed to a private hospital at Kunnamkulam after the elephant knocked him down with its trunk, but his life could not be saved.

The elephant also attacked Kuttankulangara Vasu of Chovvannur, a labourer who was working on the premises of a house near Parembadam. He has been admitted to the intensive care unit of a private hospital.

The elephant, which had been featured at the Aruvayi Chiravarambathukavu temple festival, became violent around 7.30 a.m. The animal ran along the streets of Porkkulam, Chovannur, Marathancode, Kidangur, Pannithadam, and Akkikkavu. People ran helter-skelter as it entered the compounds of houses. It destroyed the external walls of the houses of Cheriyedathu Uma and Pathiyarakkal Razaq and the kitchen of Cherathu Abootty's residence. For a while, the elephant disappeared behind a wooded area near Royal Engineering College at Akkikkavu.

The sustained efforts of the police, the Elephant Squad, and the local people brought the elephant out of the woods. It was brought under control after being shot with a tranquilliser gun. Animal rights activists attributed the elephant's violent behaviour to alleged torture by the mahouts. The Thrissur-based Heritage Animal Taskforce demanded an investigation.