The seventh Kerala Environment Congress organised by the Centre for Environment and Development (CED) and the Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology (RGCB) will be held here from Thursday to Saturday.

As many as 300 delegates, including researchers from universities and research institutions in Kerala, Karnataka, Orissa, and Tamil Nadu, are expected to present their papers at the event. The theme of this year's congress is ‘Energy and Environment.'

Speaker G. Karthikeyan is scheduled to inaugurate the congress at the RGCB on Thursday. V.K. Damodaran, chairman, Centre for Environment and Development, will deliver the keynote address. An open forum titled ‘Towards a Sustainable Energy Policy for Kerala' is one of the highlights of the event. B. Ekbal, former Vice-Chancellor, University of Kerala, will deliver the valedictory address on Saturday. —Special Correspondent