The Election Commission has said that the “None of the Above” (NOTA) option to be included in the EVMs/ballot papers (in some cases) for the electors to reject the candidates, if they wish, would be printed in pink for the Assembly poll and in white for the Parliamentary election.

In a circular sent to all the Chief Electoral Officers of the States/Union Territories, the Commissions said the depiction – NOTA – would be printed in the last panel after the words; “None of the Above”.

The Supreme Court, in its verdict on September 27, had asked the EC to provide a NOTA option on the EVM and ballot papers so that the electors who did not want to vote for any of the candidates could exercise their option in secrecy. The Court had held that the provisions of Rule 49-O, under which an elector not wishing to vote for any candidate had to inform the Presiding Officer about his decision, are ultra vires of Article 19 of the Constitution and Section 128 of the RP Act.