G.N. Saibaba, an English professor at Ram Lal Anand College, was detained for questioning and searches conducted at his residence on Delhi University’s North Campus on Thursday by a Gadchiroli police team from Maharashtra which had recently arrested two men allegedly linked to the Naxal movement.

The police action against Dr. Saibaba, who suffers 90 per cent disability, evoked sharp reactions from academics.

Accompanied by their Delhi counterparts, the Maharashtra police raided Dr. Saibaba’s residence in the afternoon and seized his mobile phones and a laptop. According to sources, he was subjected to questioning by senior officers.

Expressing shock over the police action, some DU professors said the raid was conducted on the grounds that Dr. Saibaba’s residence “is used as a place for depositing stolen property”.

“Dr. Saibaba’s residence is on the university premises, and as such, the university administration is clearly complicit in granting permission for the raid. Dr. Saibaba and his family, including his 15-year-old daughter, were kept in custody in his house,” they said.